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Review of I Don’t Want To Go To School


“I don’t want to go to school!”

“Why not? It’s the first day! Aren’t you excited?”

18907986Joey doesn’t want to go to school and he has a whole list of far-fetched reasons to stay home. Can his mom convince him otherwise?

Perfect for first graders or anxious children returning from summer break. Fully illustrated in color. Approximately 18 pages, 1k words. (Goodreads)


Joey does not want to go to school and he is not afraid to tell his mom.  When his mom asks him why he does not want to go, he comes up with a lot of different reasons.  Each reason is funnier than the one before.  His mother counters all of his concerns with positive  reinforcement.  Will she convince Joey to go to school?

This book is quite cute and funny.  The excuses that Joey gave his mom are comical and my six year old granddaughter thought they were so funny.  The words are age appropriate and the illustrations are vivid and colorful and go well with the story.  My granddaughter and I took turns reading the story and she did quite well with most of the words.  

I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys reading a well crafted funny children’s book to the little one in their family.  This book would make an excellent addition to any family or school library.