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Review of The Secret No-Girls Club


Best friends Logan and Caleb decide to form a club. A secret no-girls club. They write up the rules, create a secret handshake, and compose a pledge. But who will be president? They can’t have a deciding vote with only two people. They’re going to need some help from Caleb’s little brother–and maybe even Logan’s twin sister!

The Kids in the Tree House is a series of illustrated early chapter books for young readers ages 6-8. (Goodreads)


This books is an adorable children’s book.  Two boys decide to form a secret club that does not allow girls.  They create a list of rules, a pledge and even a secret handshake.  But when it come to electing a president, they run into some problems. And the solution that they come up with does not make either of the boys happy.  

The story is very funny, especially when they are trying to vote for the president of the club.  The way that the boys tried to solve the tie in the election was very cute and quite clever.  My six year old granddaughter and I read this book together and we were laughing by the end of this book.

The words are very age appropriate and the illustrations tell the story well.   My granddaughter was able to read many of the words by herself with only minimal help from me.

I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys reading a well crafted story to their child.  This book would make a great addition to any school or family library.